Wangjiang Pavilion Park

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Wangjiang Pavilion Park is one of the three famous cultural relics in Chengdu along with the Wuhou Memorial Temple and the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu.
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Wangjiang Pavilion Park is located in a lush bamboo forest by the Jiangjiang River out of the Eastern Gate. It has an area of 177 acres with most of them covered by bamboos. It was built in the Ming and Qing dynasties to commemorate Xuetao, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty.

History & story:

This splendid pavilion was built in memory of Xue Tao, a brilliant female poet in Tang Dynasty who has left behind many great poems. There are more than 100 kinds of bamboo around the Wangjiang Pavilion for Xue Tao has a passion for bamboo in her life. Around the Wangjiang Pivilion, out lay a group of memorial buildings including Wuyunxiang Hall, Quanxiang chamber, Pipa pavilion among which there are house a large amount of steles, paintings, calligraphy, inscribed couplets and poems.

What to see:

Wangjiang Tower

The Wangjiang Tower is the most magnificent building in the park. It is four-floor architecture with a height of 39 meters. When the Wangjiang (grand and beautiful in Chinese) Tower, was built during the Guangxu Reign of the Qing Dynasty, it was known as Chongli Tower. It was designed as an octagonal shape with the overhanging eaves, sharp golden roof, and various exquisite figure carvings and clay sculptures of animals decorating each floor. Located on the bank of Jinjiang River, Wangjiang Pavilion provides an ideal angle for river viewing, from which it derived the present name “Wangjiang Lou”.

Various bamboos

While entering the front door, what to come into view are exuberant bamboo groves, because Xue Tao loved the bamboo in her whole life, the posterity plants each kind of good bamboo in the park, among them having a few articles, such as the Rennian bamboo, the Mile bamboo, the square bamboo, the Guanyin bamboo, the chicken claw bamboo...etc. Over 150 kinds of bamboos from home and abroad grow here in her honor. So, it is also the ideal place to appreciate bamboos in Chengdu City. If you are fortunate, you can see the Bamboo Culture Festival here.

Other memorial buildings

Other memorial buildings like Yinshi (poems-chanting) Building, Wuyunxian (five fairy clouds) Hall, Quanxiang (fragrance of spring) Pavilion, Pipa (loquat) Alley, Qingwan (refreshing and pretty) House, and Huanjian (paper-washing) Pavilion are elegantly arranged, built up in Ming and Qing Dynasty and featuring Sichuan-style gardens.

Things to do:

Drink tea

Teahouses, fishing area, amusement park are distributed along the river. People in Chengdu are fond of drinking tea in teahouses. These teahouses not only feature long history and large numbers, but also have their own unique styles. As long as you enter a teahouse, you can smell the intense fragrance of Chengdu. You can see bamboo armchair, small square table, tea set with covering, huge kitchen range and red copper pot. The teahouses are crowded with all kinds of businesses. There are sellers of melon seeds and peanuts as well as the ones providing the services of picking ears, polishing shoes and massage. Some others gather there to play mahjong or cards, talk about businesses, and do some writings. It seems that they all have a strong affection to the teahouses. From what have mentioned above, the leisure of the life in Chengdu can be seen.

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      Business Time: Open area: 06:00 – 21:00; Cultural relics area: 08:00 – 18:00.
      Avg. spending: ¥ 0CNY
      Time to visit: 1.5 Hours
      Address: No.300, Wangjiang Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan (near the east gate of Sichuan University)


      • There are many outdoor teahouses with elegant environment in the park, where you can drink tea or take meal

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